Registration Successful!

Thank you for registering for our upcoming workshop. We received your non-refundable payment. Achieving Balance at The Farm reserves the right to cancel events due to inclement weather, in this case your payment will be refunded in full through PayPal. On the day of the event, if weather/rain is going to be an issue, there will be a cancellation notice on our Facebook page.

Our address is 1919 or 1915 Coddle Creek Highway, Mooresville, NC 28115. There is a light blue sandwich board with our logo at the end of our drive. Pull back towards the barn and park in the grass in front of the white fencing. There are 2 rental houses on the property shared by the same drive, be respectful of those homes and property. Do NOT pull up to the houses or block the driveway.

Take caution when pulling in as to not spin gravel or stir up dust. This is a working farm, animals and small children are often running around. Be mindful of the weather dress appropriately, wear closed toed shoes. We will be outside the whole time. It doesn’t usually get muddy but we always suggest bringing a change of shoes.

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns. We look forward to meeting you.