IMG_1948Individuals who have difficulties with anxiety, depression, sensory overload, stress, etc. can benefit from fidget toys such as kneadable dough, memorizing desk toys, seek & find bottles, squeezable stress balls, textured finger fiddles. These types of fidget toys can promote focus and concentration the release of stress and anxiety while allowing relaxation and self-awareness.

Many individuals have purchased these types of items and have been unsuccessful with their outcome because of sensory overload or lack of interest. Achieving Balance at The Farm now offers opportunities to create these toys to meet specific needs, interests and sensory inputs.

Private appointments to customized fidget toys are typically 30 minutes. Once an appointment is scheduled, a questionnaire will be emailed, which will need to be returned prior to the appointment. Materials are selected based on sensory needs and likes and you have the opportunity to help create your custom toys from scratch.

Cost is $30 which includes all materials to customize 3 fidget toys.

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