Many of you often ask why don’t we keep our horses in stalls. This is why.
Our horses are not accustomed to being stalled; therefore, it is a difficult and stressful adjustment for them when they placed in a stall.
Tuesday morning in the snow storm they were all stalled so they could dry off. They were all on edge didn’t want to go in the stalls, actually fought me while I was leading them in, they drank and ate very little in the while they were in. Last night we left the barn open so they could come in at will, but for the most part they were in the snow storm all night, their choice. They were in waiting for breakfast in the barn, of course, but they had not been in there too long (there was no poop or pee and the same amount of water and hay that we put in last night was still there.
Horses are by nature herd animals and very social. They want to be together, not separated by stalls. They are also fight or flight animals so they would prefer to be free to get away from danger rather than being trapped and have to fight their way out. When our horses are brought in over night or even for a couple hours they tend to get very stressed, which in turn can cause more problems than if they are just cold and wet. Now don’t get me wrong, we do bring them in if someone is sick or needs special attention but for the most part that is kept to a minimum.