Experiential Outdoor Therapy – The Top 10 Benefits

Experiential Outdoor Therapy is any adventure-based activity and outdoor activity that emphasizes inter- and intra-personal growth through overcoming challenges. When you get away from the screens and get outdoors, you will see there are many benefits. There is strong evidence that outdoor and experiential education and wilderness therapy programs increase participants’ self-esteem and belief that they have control over events that affect them.

How Does This Relate To Equine Therapy?

Because horses can respond to the emotional state of those working with them, and because of their size and strength, this type of therapy encourages participants to accomplish a task in the face of fears and doubts. Participants develop the confidence and tools to overcome the challenges they are dealing with in life situations no matter how large or intimidating. We have put together what we believe are the 10 biggest benefits of getting outside and participating in a program centered around experiential outdoor therapy.

10 Benefits of Experiential Outdoor Therapy

1. Boosts your energy and offers many benefits to our physical health
2. Decrease levels of stress, depression, and anxiety
3. Enhances creativity and improves the ability to problem solve
4. Encourages self-reflection and self-awareness
5. Helps identify and process feelings
6. Admiring nature encourages more generous, positive social behaviors
7. Being away from screens helps regulate mood disturbances and nervous system arousal
8. Promotes the ability to assess needs in a relationship and how to meet those in healthy effective ways.
9. Proven effective tool for overcoming a wide range of mental health challenges
10. Offer an exciting alternative to traditional family or relationship counseling
Whether you participate or are interested in one of our equine therapy groups or not, you and your family can benefit immediately from turning off the phones and TVs, putting on your tennis shoes and sunscreen, and exploring everything that this beautiful world has for you right outside of your front door.

Benefits of Experiential Outdoor Therapy

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