Achieving Balance at The Farm

With horses as a guide we provide opportunities for individuals to reach a healthy balance when it comes to the social and emotional aspects of their lives. The counseling services offered are equine-assisted allowing individuals to learn about themselves and others through their experiences with our horses. These services are offered for individuals, couples, families and small groups. Counseling sessions and farm visits are by appointment only.

Equine-assisted counseling methods, which are experiential, are used in combination with other traditional therapeutic models such as: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Solutions Focused Therapy (SFT), Person Center Therapy (PCT), and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy (EMDR), just to name a few. The Farm is a place where individuals can find their balance in a relaxed natural environment with the support of our counseling staff and horses.

Experiential counseling services allow clients the time and space to investigate, experiment, be creative, problem solve and make decisions on their own and in their own time.

Our Groups

Our children’s program is an six week program for boys and girls with sensory processing disorders. Participants will gain self-awareness and self-control while learning to identify others and their body languages, as well as their own; including anger and frustration.

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Our teen program is a eight week program for girls and boys. Participants will experience, through a relaxed natural environment the physical and emotional support of animals.

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Looking for the perfect team building event for your group or department? Round them up and give us a call to gain a positive shared experience reinforcing team cohesiveness and productivity by enhancing team skills. Be energized and motivated this year!

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“At first I never really knew what to expect because I never had worked with a horse before. I also never liked therapy. But after that first visit, I made friends, those horses do connect with you. I don’t know how, but they do. It’s like they are human, they comfort you, and they learn to trust you throughout each visit. It was an amazing experience and it’s worth it.”
~15 Year Old
“The horses like me they don’t know I’m special needs, I’m just an individual to a horse. They don’t bully me or say unkind things. The horses only want to be loved and taken care of with kind words and gentle hands. I really liked naming the horses.”
~10 Year Old
“The time I have spent at The Farm has changed my life completely. I have more self-esteem and I am able to make better choices. I have learned how to trust again and that has made all the different in the world to me.”
~Adult Female
“I had gotten to a place in my therapy where I thought I needed to try something different. When I asked what options existed, Equestrian Therapy was explained to me. As an animal lover, I was like OK let’s give this a try. I will admit I was a bit of a skeptic. Mr. Ed is going to help me! Little did I know what amazing an experience it would be. Working with the horses allowed me to open up more, share more, and acknowledge a few untouched issues. The horses provided me with real time comfort and they did not let me get away with anything! I highly recommend Equestrian Therapy to those who are seeking something new, something different.”
~Adult Female
As a team member, the most valuable piece of information I left with was…”Learning the need for clarification and monthly meetings to keep staff informed and allow them to voice their opinions.”
~Corporate Team Building
As a team member, the most valuable piece of information I left with was… “having the opportunity to work with my colleagues collaboratively to reach a goal outside the normal work environment.”
~Corporate Team Building
Wonderful experience…would strongly recommend to other groups/organizations.
~Corporate Team Building
The most valuable piece of information I learned was…”Think about what you going to do before you do it.”
~8th Grade Boy
The most valuable piece of information I learned was…”How to control my anger.”
~7th Grade Boy
The most valuable piece of information I learned was…”Helped me to calm down and helped me think about everything and not be negative about stuff.”
~8th Grade Girl
The most valuable piece of information I learned was…”Keeping my calm.”
~7th Grade Boy
“Overall seemed to improve response (verbal reaction) to redirection from teacher.”
~K-3 Teacher

Student has approached me in the hallway and in the cafeteria and initiated conversations, held eye contact, asked questions, and waited for answers before walking away. He seems so happy.

~Media Teacher
Selective mutism is a childhood anxiety disorder where a child chooses not to speak or communicate unless they are in a relaxed and safe environment. After five sessions our 9 year made huge improvements working through her anxiety. She hung out with her grandparents, stating she didn’t know why she was always so nervous around them because they are awesome. She also spoke to them and made a new friend at an after school activity.
With horses as a guide we are helping our individuals move forward in their lives!
Parent of 9 Year Old

The group has been amazing for our teen who was hesitant and NOT excited, but from Day 1 has come out of the sessions feeling a sense of accomplishment. Following the last 3 sessions, our teen has talked the ENTIRE way home about the experience and has been all fired up, feeling empowered and strong, and at times has felt like a leader, overcoming obstacles and solving problems. Tuesday was a rough day after a full day of testing Monday and Tuesday,  yet the elevated mood our teen experienced persisted long afterward. I love the group thing and I’m sad it’s ending! My slow-to-warm-up teen warms up just when it’s about to be over, but is really making progress.

Mom of a 14 year old